Greg's Painting Company specializes in interior and exterior painting.

Our interior paint services includes:

  • Removal of small furniture and breakables
  • Covering of household materials with plastic
  • Removal of small wall fixtures
  • Removal of electrical outlet and switch cover plates
  • Covering of floors with dropcloths
  • Booties worn on all employee's feet when applicable
Our exterior paint services includes:
  • Pressure washing
  • Hedge trimming of close-proximity brush
  • Scraping and sanding of necessary surfaces
  • Dropcloths covering any nearby plantlife to protect them from overspray.

Priming, sealing stains, filling cracks, and washing of surfaces varies depending on the job.

Rolling paint onto surfaces will be done at the customer's request.

After the completion of all jobs, a final walkthrough between Greg and the homeowner will take place, at which point payment will be due.

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Greg's Painting Company is a proud supporter of Sherwin-Williams products.

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